Kirk's 2005 R/C Season

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2005 is Kirk's fourth season flying R/C combat. This year he will be competing in Open B, 2610 ("scale"), SSC and a few rounds of a provisional scale class known as 2548.

For B class, Kirk flies the "Mongoose" which he and Kelly designed. For SSC, he flies his own design called a Rapier with a .15 Magnum engine. More information about the Rapier can be found at the MidAtlanticCombat site. In 2610 scale, Kirk is flying his own design of a Blackburn Firebrand.

Kirk's scratch-built Firebrand Kirk's Mongoose


This was a one day contest at Kirk's home field. They flew five rounds each of B and SSC. Kirk had a few bad moments in B, but placed first in both events. The weather was pleasant, and there was a modest turnout since a few of the regular pilots weren't able to attend.

Kirk flying his Mongoose, being chased by Kelly (yellow plane). Kirk flying his red Rapier defensively. Kirk (left) and Bill preparing to launch in SSC. Kelly launching his Mongoose. Kirk flying his SSC plane during a high-scoring round. Kelly's plane in pursuit of Kirk's during SSC.


This was a two day contest north of Detroit. The lack of sleep from driving all night to make the contest took a toll on Kirk's preparation and flying. The overcast sky and passing rain showers added to the challenges. Kirk finished fourth in B, second in Scale, and first in SSC. He didn't compete in 2548 since we needed to get on the road for the drive home.

Kirk (right) flying his B class Mongoose. Kirk flies his SSC Rapier. Kirk's red Mongoose with damage. Kirk getting a cut in SSC. Scale action.  Kirk's Firebrand in center.


This was a one day contest at Kirk's home field. They flew five rouns of Open B and four rounds of SSC. It was hot and humid with a few rain drops early in the day. Kirk didn't have his best day flying, but he still managed to finish in first place in both classes. The relatively solid dark gray sky was a less than ideal background for the camera.

The flight line. Kelly in pursuit of Kirk during B. Kirk's Mongoose going for another cut. Kirk flew out of this encounter with Sergei's plane. Kirk's Rapier about to get a cut in SSC. SSC action.  Kirk's red plane about to get a cut on Bill's orange plane. L-R: Kelly, Kirk, judge, Joe, judge during SSC. Kelly pursuing Kirk in SSC.

Nationals was a four day contest with four different classes flown: Scale/2610, Open B, SSC and a new provisional class Scale/2548. The weather was very humid and warm (and worse when the sun came out) with rain delays caused by the leftovers from hurricane Dennis lingering over Muncie all week. Because of the weather, many of the rounds were flown using forestry flagging tape instead of the usual crepe paper streamers. The forestry tape is water-resistant but is also cut-resistant, which isn't so great for combat. Kirk flew in all four classes. His dedicated 2548 plane wasn't ready in time for nats, so he modified his 2610 Firebrands to fly under the grandfather clause for 2548. He did ok in his first 2548 event and placed 5th. He finished 6th in B. Kirk flew well and consistently in 2610 and took first place. In SSC, he had some challenges on the first day of flying, but finished strong on the second day of flying (including getting a 9 cut round). Kirk edged out Brian Gilkey by only 20 points to win first place in SSC.

Scale / 2610

The 2610 pilots.  Kirk is front left. Kirk's Firebrand with streamers coming down after a midair.  Some parts of the other plane are also visible. Kirk preparing to launch with judge Pat Wilcox.  Note all the rain gear and orange forestry tape streamer. After a mid-air.  Two vertical stabilizers are still missing somewhere in the field. Kirk flying low defense. Lee Liddle's white Skyraider in pursuit of Kirk's Firebrand. Kirk flying very low, blending in with the grass on the left. Kirk accepting the first place award from RCCA president Ed Kettler.

Open B

The Open B pilots.  Kirk is front, right. Kirk's Mongoose on right in pursuit. Open B action.  Kirk's plane is top left. Kirk's red Mongoose during some defensive flying.


The SSC pilots.  Kirk is just to the right of center, front row. Kirk's Rapier in a mid-air. Far right, Kirk's Rapier with lots of streamers. SSC action. Kirk's red Rapier in low pursuit through the haze. The Rapier in pursuit of Brian's plane. Kirk accepting the first place award from Ed.

Scale / 2548

The 2548 pilots.  Kirk is front center. Kirk's Firebrand with streamers. 2548 action. Kirk accepting the fifth place award from Ed.

This was a one day contest in CT with Open B and 2610. The weather was pleasant, although as some of the pictures indicate, the clouds came and went all day. The club had a good turnout of volunteers to help with the contest. Kirk flew very well and took first place in both events. Adding to the fun was the presence of Richard (Kirk's dad) and his friend Sam.

Kirk's red B plane on right after getting many cuts. Kirk's Mongoose on right in pursuit. The bit of white tangled in the yellow plane's streamers is its vertical stablizer, which came off in a mid-air. Kirk flying low defense, with Viat's plane in pursuit. B action.  Lower left is another look at the yellow plane without its vertical stabilizer. Richard tosses the streamer while Kirk lauches his Firebrand. Kirk's Firebrand on right during a high-scoring round. Kirk's scale plane on left. Kirk accepting an award from the contest director, Rick.

We spent part of one weekend at the WWII show at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum in Reading, PA. There was a focus on WWII, but airplanes from other eras were on display as well. Including a P2V Neptune that Kirk's father flew in once. For a small donation, the staff were allowing people to go inside the plane as well.

Kirk in front of the plane.

This one day contest had B and SSC. There was a solid turnout of six pilots for SSC and eight for Open B. Kirk flew well and finished first in both classes. In one round of SSC, Kirk's plane was the only one with streamers left, so he was flying low defense. However, he failed to pay enough attention to the precise location of obstacles in the field, like the weather vane. The first few photos below show some of what happened. Kirk added red circles to the photos as highlights. While the vane was knocked off its pole and dented, Kirk's plane was able to fly again in the next round with a new propeller.

Early in the round. Before the incident. The round after the incident -- the pole without the arrow. Kirk showing the plane and the vane with the spinner-size dent. Kirk's Rapier lower right, with lots of streamers. Kelly's yellow Mongoose pursuing Kirk's red one in B.


Kirk's SSC Rapier with streamers. Kirk flying inverted with streamers in SSC. Two planes mid-airing above Kirk's plane. The two planes crashing. Kirk getting a cut. SSC action. Kirk's Rapier flying low on the defense. Some more planes crashing, with Kirk's plane below. Another mid-air in SSC. One of the fly-bys. Kirk's Mongoose with a cut. 2610 action.  Kirk's Firebrand is on the left with streamers. Kirk's scale plane bottom, center. Kirk's Firebrand flying center in front of the trees.  Note all the tarps and umbrellas trying to keep the gear dry.


The pilots.

More info after the next contest.