Kirk's 2007 R/C Season

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2007 is Kirk's sixth season flying R/C combat. This year he will be competing in Open B, 2610 ("scale"), SSC and a little bit of a newer scale class known as 2548.


This contest had B and SSC at the local field. It was run rather briskly to try to get as much flying in as possible before the rain arrived. The clouds came and went during the day before the rain, so some of the photos are rather dark. It was Alex's first contest. Some of the pilots were a bit "rusty" after winter, but Kirk flew well enough to finish first in both classes.

The pilots: Jim, Nick, Micheal, Kirk, Viat, Alex and Sergei. Micheal, whose engine died just as he was about to launch in SSC. Kirk getting a cut in SSC. Viat's interesting SSC design -- the 'see-through' airplane at top. Viat's SSC design. Micheal and Kirk in SSC action. Jim and Tom. Kirk and Micheal's planes after a mid-air in SSC. Don launching Micheal's plane. Nick just missing a cut on Kirk in Open B. A late entrant. Viat, Tom, Sergei and Alex on the flight line. Open B action. Kirk trying for a cut on Nick in B. Sam preparing to launch Nick's plane.


This was a one day SSC contest in Indiana. There was a delay getting started since many of the guys were travelling together, and their vehicle broke down on the drive. Once they all made it, the contest started quickly. By the afternoon showers came through and ended the contest early. Kirk flew well though and finished first.

Kirk getting a cut on one of the Gilkeys. Kirk's red Rapier a bit too close to another plane. SSC action.  Kirk's plane is the top one. Two planes end up in the trees trying to chase Mike F's plane. Kirk getting a cut while flying inverted. Kirk flying very low on defense. SSC action. Kirk's plane (and separated tail) after a mid-air. Another pilot going for a cut on Kirk. Pilots and judges getting ready for a heat. Don V's plane, stuck in a tall tree. SSC action. Mike F going for a cut on Kirk.

Bentonville, VA

This was a one day contest with Open B and SSC at a field in the Shenandoah valley. There were some passing storms in the area and a brief rain delay, but they still got the whole contest in. Kirk did ok in B, but flew very well in SSC including getting a seven-cut round. He finished first in both classes.

Pilots meeting: Nick, Kirk, Jim, Chris, Bob, Dave and Sam. Dave getting a cut on Kirk. Kirk getting his streamer back from Dave. Very close SSC action. The flight line. Kirk's SSC plane after a flat spin through all the streamers on his plane. Kirk pursing Jim in SSC. Jim's tail-less plane after a mid-air with Kirk. Jim's Zero, damaged after a hard landing in B. SSC action. Kirk getting a cut in SSC. Bob going after Kirk in SSC. Kirk in pursuit in B.

This was a one day event at the local field, with SSC and Open B classes. A tailwind came up as the day went on and the sky was hazy, but five rounds of each class were flown. Kirk flew well again in SSC and took first with some good rounds. Open B was more evenly flown and Kirk finished a close second to Nick, who won his first event.

Part of the flighline.  Chris, James, Sam, Nick and Jim. Jim and Kirk's SSC planes in a mid-air. Nick getting a cut on Kirk in SSC. Kirk getting a cut on Nick in SSC. Alex prepares to launch his Mustang in B.  His damaged Corsair is nearby. SSC action. SSC action. Kirk getting a cut on Nick.

This was a four day event, with five different classes flown. Kirk had a bit of an up and down event in terms of his flying, but ended up placing well in the standings. He flew a personal best round average score of 400 in Open B, for a second place finish. He was also second in 2610 scale, Limited B and 2548 scale. Kirk finished third in SSC. At the "pizza banquet" on Sunday night, Kirk received an award for finishing in first place in the national points standings for 2006 in Open B and 2610. This was the first Nats for the guys from Salisbury, who had a good time and Nick flew very well for his first "big" contest ever. Richard, Kirk's father, flew out for part of the week to watch and help Kirk. Clouds came and went all week, thus all the varying backgrounds. But it didn't rain until the morning we left, when there were thunderstorms at 8am.

Day 1 -- Open B and 2610

The Open B pilots. Mike F. chasing Kirk. Someone pursuing Kirk. Open B action. 2610 action. Preparing to launch. 2610 action, Kirk on right. 2610 action. Kirk's dad Richard holding the streamer. The overview -- Kirk's Firebrand fuselage is the tail on the bottom left. The close-up -- the falling bit of foam and wing dowel on the left were later recovered. Part of the aftermath.

Day 2 -- Open B and 2548

Open B carnage. Part of the flight line. Kirk's Mongoose loses its vertical stabilizer to Lee's electric plane. But the Mongoose stays on the hunt!. Nick flying defense. Open B carnage. Mike F's flying wing is a bit shorter than before. Double pursuit. Kirk and Mike F. mid-air. Buttercup thoughtfully 'helped' Mike F. Another damaged flying wing, although this one would fly again later in the day. 2548 action -- Viat and Brian mid-air results. Kirk's Hurricane after a mid-air with Viat. Inspecting the damage. 2548 action. 'Zero' combat -- 2548's most popular model. 2548 pursuit.

Day 3 -- SSC and Limited B

The SSC pilots. Kirk's Rapier in a spin after a mid-air. SSC action. Kirk in pursuit of another cut. Kirk helps Nick start his SSC plane while Sam was getting stitches. Kirk flying defense. 'Lawn dart!'. Mark S's flying wing after a mid-air. Limited B action. Kirk in close pursuit in Limited B. The chase is on! Mike F. in the lead, flying low. More Limited B pursuit. Kirk and Mark S's planes just after a mid-air. Nick and Kirk. Nick on defense.  The speck in the lower left is a pattern plane practicing elsewhere at the AMA site. Limited B action. A cut going the wrong way. Kirk accepting the 2006 NPS award for Open B and 2610.

Day 4 -- SSC and Limited B

Kirk's Rapier after being hit. Someone doesn't quite belong. SSC action. Bill getting a cut in SSC. Kirk in pursuit. SSC action. Lee, Mike F, a Gilkey and Kirk. SSC action. SSC action. Kirk getting a cut in Limited B. Limited B action. Nick's plane after a tough hit. Kirk flying even with some mid-air damage. Nick's plane tumbling after a mid-air. Limited B action.

This was a one day SSC contest with a good number of new pilots. Kirk had a good day and finished first. He even managed to avoid going down in the "water hazard" this time.

The pilots. SSC action. Kirk flying extremely low on defense. More low flying. SSC action. Nick getting very close to Kirk's streamers. SSC action. SSC action. L-R, 1st through 5th: Kirk, Nick, Chris, Bill and Sam.

This was a one day event at the local field, with SSC and 2548 combat. The turnout was light, and it was windy since there was a hurricane off the coast that day. The guys had a fun time flying, and Kirk edged by Nick to take first in both classes.

Kirk getting a cut. Kirk and Nick's planes getting very close. Kirk and Nick, both with cuts in 2548. 2548 action. The flight line. Jim getting a cut on Kirk. Kirk pursuing Nick.

This was a one day SSC contest in December with a good number of newer pilots. Kirk had a slow-starting day, but he edged out Nick for first place with a high-scoring last round.

The pilots, taken at the end of the contest. SSC action. Kirk in pursuit. SSC action.  Kirk's plane is on the lower right. Nick and Kirk. SSC action. Kirk accepting his award from Sam, the contest director.

More info next season.