We, the pigs, share the attention of the humans with three tanks of shiny, moving things.

There is a 29 gallon tank of assorted fish, a 10 gallon with a few black mollies, and a 6 gallon with some dwarf gouramis and catfish.

The 10 gallon has a new resident. A queen arabesque pleco.

Here is a picture of a gourami and and overview of the 6 gallon tank.

In the background tall plants, a catfish is hiding. On the right is a gourami and a catfish on the orange rock.  On the bottom rock is an algae eater.

The black mollies have been having quite the party. Here are two pictures of the resulting baby fish.

An overview image of the 29 gallon tank.

The rock pile in the 29 gallon. A favorite fish hide and play zone.

Some of the fish, including bala sharks, red long-fin serpae tetras, catfish, and green neons.