Our guinea pigs
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Mmm, dandelion greens!

Aren't I cute?
Inca and Maya are sisters who were "foster babies" of Flower and lived with Flower until Flower got too old and sick to want to deal with other pigs in the same house. Now they live with Brinna and Roenne in a super-sized house Kirk built from Coroplast, Plexiglass and grids.

Hay is tasty!

Aren't I cute?
Brinna and Roenne are sisters who came home with us on 2/15/03. They were born on 1/23/03. Sadly, Brinna passed away on 3/10/05.

Daisy and Autumn

Daisy and Autumn joined our family on 4/2/05. We adopted them from Small Angels Resuce based in Frederick, MD. They are outgoing and vocal, and are slowly learning to eat new veggies.

The Big House

The house completely covers a 6' by 30" table and the areas along the walls on the bottom level are kept clear since the pigs love to run laps. During nap time (which is when we took the pictures), the pigs sleep in the plastic "pigloos".

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Much loved pigs who are no longer with us



Siren and 'Muffin were sisters who came home together and lived together as young pigs. As adults, 'Muffin was happy to have her own house with neighbors near by. Siren missed having a pig housemate, so Siren became Flower's "foster mommy."



Sandy and Moonbeam were brothers who also came home together and lived together until they hit puberty. That's when it was discovered that they weren't girls and preferred to have their own homes.


That's in her old house. Eventually she moved into a new house made of Coroplast (it looks like corrugated cardboard, but made of plastic instead) and Plexiglass. It's held together with packing tape and zip ties. The house is based on ideas they found at Cavy Cages. In the third picture below, you can see some of the construction details.
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My new house from the front. My new house from the side. Me with my new hay ledge.


Coco was Flower's first "foster baby" and lived with Flower for a year before "moving out" to her own individual home once she made it clear that she'd be happier with pig neighbors rather than pig housemates.