Kirk's Sport Airplanes

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Kirk's Duellist with two OS .55AX engines.

Melissa's Dragon Lady. The "guinea pig" pilot figure flies again!

Kirk with his electric Fokker D.VII.

Kirk with his Wild Hare Extra 300. It has a 50cc gasoline engine and an 84" wingspan.

Kirk with his Mosquito, a British bomber from WWII. It is a twin engine plane, with two OS .46s.

Kirk with his electric-powered LA-7, which was a birthday gift.

Kirk's Sukhoi, which he acquired from Mark, who is a club member.

Kirk's Waco biplane. It is powered with an OS .32.

Kirk with his electric A-10 Warthog. It is his first electric and is a "park flyer" type, meaning it is designed to fly rather slowly and in smaller spaces. It's just small enough that Kirk has flown it in his dad's back yard.

The trainer his Dad got him, which inspired Kirk to get back into flying.

More pictures as he builds new planes.